Broken Promises: Taking Emily Back

Broken Promises: Taking Emily Back (1993)

Ever since Pam Cheney (Cheryl Ladd) lost her baby during labor, she has been struggling with depression. She is not only supported by her loving, but hard working husband Sean (Robert Desiderio), but also by her friends Ella (Polly Draper) and Terry Sabin (D. David Morin), who have also lost a baby at age three. One year after labor, Pam decides to finally take a proposal to adopt a toddler. Going through official agencies proves unsuccessful, partly due to Pam's age, partly due to the growing demand of adoption. She is advised to take care of an orphaned teenager instead, but Sean refuses this option.

  • Donald Wrye

  • Vickie Patik

158 Uvedení: 1993-12-25
  • Země: US
  • Orig. jazyk: English
  • Minut: 93
Polly Draper
Polly Draper
Ella Sabin
Cheryl Ladd
Cheryl Ladd
Pam Cheney
Ted Levine
Ted Levine
Gary Ward
D. David Morin
D. David Mori...
Terry Sabin